The Boston Illustration & Concept Art Group is a community of passionate artists who all share a mutual love of the entertainment industries, storytelling, learning, and creating. Our group meets at least once per month for different kinds of events that range from talks given by a featured artist, live demos, workshops, work reviews, sketching excursions, to gallery shows! We welcome anyone who works with any medium to attend our events. Whether you’re a working professional, a hobbyist, student, or even an enthusiast of the arts, we’re sure you’ll have a great time meeting the varied and skilled local artists from all around the Greater Boston area (or wider if you don’t mind coming out to see us!)

Come to our events with an open mind and the desire to learn. Our group is a space where you can share your work with confidence and receive real feedback, no matter what your skill level is. We can all always learn something from each other!

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